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This blog is a collection of videos suitable for the K-12 classroom. All the videos included on this blog have been pre-screened. The blog was started as a class project at Montclair State University. Students in Harold Olejarz's Spring, 2011 class began adding videos in February, 2011. If you are interested in contributing to this blog please contact Harold Olejarz

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Luna Parc: the home of Ricky Boscarino

Airbrushing Technique

How to Screenprint a T-Shirt

speed drawing glass of water

Oil Painting Tips

Woodblock Printing

Screen Printing Tutuorial

BMW Car art by Jeff Koons

Jackson Pollock Action Painting

Tony Vs. Paul

4-Point Perspective

Amazing Stop Motion

speed drawing pouring glass of water


India Ink

Starry Night Project

Pastel Tutorial

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Paint a sky using Acrylics

Savant Sculptor Alonso

speed drawing glass of water


Andy Goldsworthy Project


Herb Williams

How to Stencil

Easy Linoleum Print

Sketchbook art


Change, A Stop Motion Video

Stop Motion Teamwork

Stop Motion

Easy Monoprinting

Jennifer Maestre

Stop Motion

Paper Mache Mask

Octopus Stop Motion


Copyright Jackie Daniels 2009


Picasso Paints

Street Art- Inflatable Sculptures

Time Lapse Landscape

Dan Dunn'd Paintjam Performance Art

Perspective Drawing - Key Concepts

How to make a tape sculpture

Burger Grease Art

How to Make a Coil Pot

Dalton Ghetti

How to Draw the Human Face

Google Art Project

Chuck Close

Alexa Meade


Sunday, February 20, 2011