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This blog is a collection of videos suitable for the K-12 classroom. All the videos included on this blog have been pre-screened. The blog was started as a class project at Montclair State University. Students in Harold Olejarz's Spring, 2011 class began adding videos in February, 2011. If you are interested in contributing to this blog please contact Harold Olejarz

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Puffy Paint

Acrylic Shading Technique

Macaroni Art

Golf Ball Painting

One Point Perspective

Digital Paint Tutorial

Egyptian Art for Kids

The Color Wheel

Dry Mounting Photographs (Demo)

Art Videos for Kids: Warhol "Getting to Know... Warhol"

Art Videos for Kids: Degas "Getting to Know... Degas"

Burlap Figures (Lesson/Tutorial)

"World Picture Gallery" Vincent van Gogh

Why Art Education is Important

Simple Color Wheel

Flexible "Glass" Sculpture (Lesson/Tutorial)

Why Art Should be at the Core of Every Child's Education

Romare Bearden

Get Surreal! with Salvador Dali

Leading Classroom Discussions

Light and Color Lesson for Children

Drawing Contours- Art Lesson for Kids

How To Use 2-Point Perspective

Pop Art Clay Portraits - Lesson Plan

Andy Warhol/Pop Art Educational Video

Richard T. Notkin

Edgar Mueller

Vincent Van Gogh

Andy Goldsworthy

Brief into to Banksy

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Cameron: Art Ed Tech iMovie

A small insert of Banksy.