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This blog is a collection of videos suitable for the K-12 classroom. All the videos included on this blog have been pre-screened. The blog was started as a class project at Montclair State University. Students in Harold Olejarz's Spring, 2011 class began adding videos in February, 2011. If you are interested in contributing to this blog please contact Harold Olejarz

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Visual Haikus

This is a project example of a visual haiku. I used Imovie to create this. This could easily be used for a week long project for kids in middle school and up.


1) Find or write your own haiku or poem.

2) Plan out what your video will look like, use a storyboard to plan out the layout.

3) Have everything for thevideo shoot ready ahead of time. (Example: actors, props, copies of poems, etc)

4)Film scenes. Remember that you don't have to go in order, and you will probably have to do a couple of retakes.

5) Use Imovie to edit and put together the final project.


Order of operations

  • order the clips visually
  • editing and cropping
  • special effects
  • timing (you may have to stretch or fast forward a few of your clips to make it fit well.)
created by Raquel Ford

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